How to stake on our mixnode?

Follow this step-by-step guide to stake NYM token on MY NIX NODE.

We recommend to go on Kraken Exchange to buy NYM native token. You cannot get mistaken there are only NYM native tokens on Kraken.

If you want to buy from another exchange, beware! There are 2 different types of NYM tokens: NYM and NYX.

« NYM » are native token that can be directly staked on our mixnode and can be found on Kraken exchange. « NYX » is the second type of token and is an ERC-20 token which must first be transferred from the Ethereum blockchain via Gravity Bridge.

Download the NYM wallet from the NYM website on your computer choosing the right Operating System:


  • Open the NYM wallet and create a new account.
  • Store your mnemonic phrase safely (write it on paper with a pen), do not store it on your computer.
  • The wallet will then ask you to verify your mnemonic.
  • Set your password (at least 8 characters)

Log into your wallet using your password

  • in your NYM wallet, select « Balance » dashboard and copy your address
  • Go on and log into your account
  • Withdraw funds from your portfolio and send them to your copied NYM address

Information about delegating process:

Delegating your NYM tokens enables a mixnode to mix packages on your behalf and get rewards which are then shared with you. At all time, you are and remain the owner of your tokens. You can withdraw your delegated tokens at any time. A mixnode has no power on your tokens.

  • In your NYM wallet, select « Delegate »
  • Input the mixnode identity (MY NIX NODE.)
  • 7w5dJR14ZqfBnnqVyyPY3XPwfpVZrFvLkXYHNHR7GXDg
  •  Amount
  • Choose the amount to delegate. Always keep at least 1 NYM in your wallet to pay the transaction fees


You’ve successfully staked NYM token on MY NIX NODE. !

Keep in mind that the balance on your NYM wallet doesn’t reflect your delegated NYM tokens.

If you want to check your delegated and staking rewards, use the mixnet explorer and search for your wallet address used above on: